Westerwald: a depiction …

submerging to fantasy’s land of reality …

no dream, but true impressions from Westerwald

… in reading of this hibernal experience
 walking through
an area of a forest zone / woodland named ( @ Germany) „Westerwald“

[here presented in summer reasonned to show my Australian friends a way of winter season while having it, but different … while at this hemisphere where I’m living at Santa does not come during hot year’s period 😉 ]

… and in introducing you to my webLog … but native-language except this one:

… here at this small part of our little world we have had a warm period with 10-12°C by day. And rain. Fortunately sometimes only. Walking through woods the soil was wet and in places mushy – but marvellous air and fresh breezes.
It’s great to go for a walk through a forest [while those days having had lived in the city of Hamburg]: … in a small village in a large forest landscape named Westerwald. The property adjoins the forest direcly – fantastic. It’s a delight approaching that area travelling through a splendid countryside with hills, valleys, meadows and fields. This visit’s first contact to the land of wonderful nature it was an very intensive impression, something like diving into another element (difficult to explain in a strange language), somehow – comparable fog but invisible and not feeling like damp mist – like going through a very very thin sheet of paper, no, it’s a borderline only of any real material allthough there is nothing of another element in passing which wraps all at once. And it all happened right after entering the edge of the forest. The warm weather and wind caressed the trees so that they started singing resulting treetops‘ melodies of light rustle and murmur. To gasp for air – delicious – gasping for more … what a beautiful feeling – as if it were spring in autumn in a leafless mixed woodland. Including the silence of winter’s solitude of the highlands. Scent of the peacefulness: the far land – reaching an empty wide pasture at a slope with far view to hollow of a valley, overflowed by the somewhat mysteriously whispering wind that plays with the sleeping grass … (You must know grass loves that because it’s great to dream while being swayed.) Everything else – quietness. Re-entering the woods: completely calmness. Looking back, yes, the wind is still there but today he prefers not to cause sounds out of his playground …
Just imagine summertime – laying there on a comfy blanket looking into the sky, fantasize about clouds‘ shapes …
listening to the sounds of nature … dreaming …
– and you’re among …

yellow_line_300written 20 years ago in December 1997 –
in memoriam to my good friend Jim C.
– to whom I sent this in January 1998

now, in sharing it to you, hoping you’ll enjoy a special feeling in diving in, too…




Autor: axelculmseegermany

Axel Culmsee (wohnhaft Westerwald): PC-Dienstleister, Computer-Trainer, Lektor (Schlussredakteur) sowie Photo-Services Individuell

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